The Museum’s history

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The Museu de la Confitura opened up on July the 24th 2004 and from then on it has never stopped its activities: workshops, conferences and… jams! That year the second edition of the book 70 confitures was published. The literary life of the Museu would grow along the years with other books.


The artist Perico Pastor paints a mural at the front side of the Museu.

On July the 24th we celebrated the first anniversary with an exposition about the Seville orange (Exposició de la Taronja Amarga). The exhibition took place where now we elaborate the jams. We built a big window between the museum and the kitchen to let people see how we work. At the same time we set out courses and workshops out of the Museu, as Christmas kitchen for children at the School Dr. Arruga, Begur.


A long the year the Museu participates in different fairs (Fira de l’all de Cornellà de Terri; Fira de les Herbes de Peratallada). We also prepare some workshops about craft preserving at Aula de Cuina (Vic) and on June the 18th took place the lecture “L’art de la conserva a l’abast de tothom” at the fair FRUINARIA (Lleida).

Furthermore, the Museu begins different programs of workshops and lectures about the elaboration of jams, marmalades and jellies. These workshops work along the year according with the different fruits and vegetables of each season. In summertime the Museu prepares fantastic workshops for children.


During 2007, we get a great record creating the 100 taste with the leek and anise jam.

Commemorating Dimitri Mendeleev‘s death, Mr Pere Castells, the responsible Searching Department of the Fundació Alícia, creates the first Periodic Table of the Jams, classifying the Museu’s jams with similar criterions as Mendeléiev set to create the Periodic Table of the Elements.

The year ends with a challenge: we receive an order from an advertising firm of 665 wooden boxes filled with 36 different jams as a Christmas gift for their customers. It meant to prepare the wonderful number of 23.940 pots, to fill them, to label them and put them into the boxes and send them. We worked hard and we got it. We have always been very thankful to this customer that relied on us since our beginnings.

That year we celebrated the third Anniversary in two ways: the ones could come enjoyed a chocolate and melon cake and the ones that couldn’t come received a virtual receipt.


In 2008, Museu receives Flamingo, an Albert Barrido’s sculpture of a flamingo built with recycled iron and wood.

The Museu improves its commitment with the natural environment and the ecologic launching a recycling campaign that consists of giving a free jam when people bring five empty pots. The campaign is an exit until nowadays. Marina Fancelli directed a funny audiovisual spot to promote it.

On June the third edition of “70 confitures” in Catalan was published together with the first edition in Spanish.


In 2009 we enter at Fòrum Gastronòmic de Girona with a stand and a demonstration of a workshop for children together with Fundació Alícia and the Aula Gastronòmica de l’Empordà.

Other relevant workshops along the year took place in School Vall-llobrega (Camprodón), Escola Bressol Mickey Mouse (Barcelona), Fundació Alícia and School Espai Sucre (Barcelona). On May the 11th we organize together with Llibreria Bernat from Barcelona, a little fair “El Sant Ponç puja a l’Eixample”. The Museu Staff imparts a conference at INFONOMIA Re’09 (entrepreneur’s series) on October the 6th in Cardedeu (watch the lecture here). The Museu de la Confitura is presented at Seminarios Espacios Culturales Siglo XXI, Máster en Gestión Cultural.

The first edition of the Spanish version “70 confituras” receives the Gourmand Award and the fourth edition of the same book in Catalan is published.

We celebrate the fifth anniversary with the Exposition Fruit de l’Art, at the Museu terrace with a concert of the band Barcelona Swing Serenaders that dedicated the song Confitura de Taronja by Oriol Romaní.


In 2010 Mr Pere Castells updates the Periodic table of the Jams with the Museu’s new creations. The Museu collaborates with the exposition Matèria condensada. Cuinar ciència, an initiative of Fundació Alícia and Centre d’Arts Santa Mónica between July and November.

We collaborate with Fundació Alícia in the Nit de la Recerca 2010: ReskitchLab de la Universitat de Girona, that took place at the Casa Cultura de Girona.

On February, our Cumquat Jam wins the golden medal at the Dalemain Marmalade Festival of Cumbria (UK), a great award that made us very happy and still does.

The programs of workshops still go on and we start a new project in the Escola d’Hosteleria. We repeat the fair Sant Ponç puja a l’Eixample and participate in the 10ª Festa de la Pela del Suro de Llofriu and at Flors i violes in Palafrugell with a stand at Pati de la Fundació Pla. In a dinner at the Zoo of Barcelona we collaborate with “Cuiners per la Natura”.

The sixth anniversary had a surprise with M114, an innovative jelly of Gin-tonic.


In 2011 the Museu is awarded with the Bronze Medal for the Seville Orange Marmalade at the Dalemain Marmalade Festival. It made us very happy because we won a medal in the Kingdom of the Seville Orange’s taste.

We went on with our activities as Flors i violes and “Sant Ponç puja a l’Eixample”, also the workshops at L’Escola Bresol in Palafrugell, at Mas Bellpuig and at the Cooperativa de Gallecs. We also participate at the Forum Gastronòmic in Girona where we present pairing with jams and a gelly made of thyme at the Planta’t al Botànic.

We also start with activities at Slow Food, presenting the Museu at Slow Food Priorat, at Celler de l’Aspic de Falset, the “Curso de Educación Al Gusto -Conocimiento y cata de fruta” which took place in Gredos (Valle del Tietar), or a presentation of Slow Food and local products at l’Era d’en Saulot in Pals.

We celebrate the 7th anniversary publishing a new book “Lligar amb confitures. Els maridatges del Museu”, in two languages edition and a documentary about the first five years of the museum.


2012 has worked quite good. The Museu has been awarded with two medals, the Silver one for “Lemon and Orange with Grand Marnier” and the Bronze one for “Seville Orange with Chocolate”, byDalemain Marmalade Festival.

We go on with different workshops: Societat Gastronòmica La Graneria de Mataró, Planta’t al Botànic and works with “jams, marmalades and jelly” at the Barcelona Catedral.

We have done several lectures as Never is late to start a new project (Navarro Herbolario, Valencia), jam’s workshops at the Slow Food Bilbao and at the workshop Improvement at the thecnical production of craft marmalades (ECA Pirineu, La Seu d’Urgell).

In October Georgina Regàs receives the award “Timó d’Argent” byUnió d’Empresaris d’Hostaleria i Turisme de la Costa Brava,You can find more information here.

The medias take attention to the Museu with different programs: Té de Tot by Televisió de Girona (click here) or at Televisió de la Costa Brava (click here).

To celebrate the 8th anniversary, the museum publishes “Els secrets de les confitures. Receptes per a nens de 8 a 80 anys”, written by Georgina Regàs and Pere Castells.