Everything started

Everything started with a lemon tree clinging to the southern facade of a house in Torrent. The first time I saw the tree, it was on a grey day. It was raining heavily and only the lemon tree was radiant. It looked splendid, laden with lemons, its branches were bending under the load of the fruit.

When fighting with the difficulties to refurbish the house, the harvest of lemons started, first for lemon juice, later for creams, sorbets and cakes. One day an English friend of mine gave me a recipe for a lemon preserve.

I had never made marmalade or a jam, but I entered in a completely unknown world that resulted fascinating for me. Later, on a trip to Biarritz, I discovered a little chocolate’s museum that moved me to create one related with the jam’s world.

All kind of fruits, flowers and vegetables seemed suitable and infinite possibilities could be made. Elaborating traditional jams and creating the new ones has brought and still brings me a great satisfaction. A present which I due to my lemon tree.

Georgina Regàs

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