The Museum’s documentary

In this documentary you can discover the history of El Museu de la Confitura from the beginnings to 2009, when we launched this documentary celebrating our 7th anniversary.

You will get in touch with the foundress, Georgina Regàs, how she had the idea of creating the Museu, how we make the jams, our workshops, the relationship with the Fundació Alimentació i Ciència (ALICIA), our commitment with the natural environment… and many other things!

The documentary, directed by Marina Fancelli, lasts 25 minutes and it’s divided into two parts for technical items.

We hope you enjoy it!

The Museum Staff

At the moment, the museu’ms documentary is only available in catalan language.


Primera part

Click here to see the first part of the video on Vimeo.

Segona part

Click here to see the second part of the video on Vimeo.